Useful links

We have compiled this list of links to support you with further information about aged care, including finding associated services and more information.

Aged Care Information

My Aged Care – Government website providing comprehensive information and access to aged care services
Aged Care Glossary – a detailed glossary to help with the terms used in aged care
Eligibility and Assessments – more details about aged care assessments and how to arrange one
Aged Care Assessment Team Finder – find your local team to organise an aged care assessment
Australian Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission – more information about the quality standards all aged care providers must meet

Dementia Support and Information 

Alzheimer’s Australia – peak body for dementia in Australia
Montessori Ageing Support Services – more information about the Montessori approach to Dementia Care
Dementia Behaviour Management and Advisory Service
Brainy App – brain training app from Alzheimer’s Australia

Person-First Philosophy

Eden in Oz and NZ– Eden Alternative Australian website

Financial Support and Information

Centrelink and Services Australia
Choosing a Financial Adviser – Government advice on choosing a financial adviser
Find a Financial Planner – find a Financial Adviser who is a member of the Association of Financial Advisers

Department of Veteran Affairs