Frequently Asked Questions

Our experienced team have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions we receive when people talk to us about aged care.  If your question isn’t answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Do you have nurses on your staff?

Our care team includes Registered Nurses, Endorsed Enrolled Nurses and Personal Carers and they work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We also employ our own Lifestyle team, cooks and kitchen teams, cleaners, laundry assistants and maintenance staff.

What kind of food do you provide?

We have a fully equipped commercial kitchen in every Embracia home, run by our own Kitchen Managers and staffed by qualified cooks and kitchen hands. Every meal is homemade, delicious and nutritious. Our kitchen teams take pride in putting smiles on our resident’s faces with delicious food each day.

What makes Embracia different from other aged care homes?

What makes us different is we see the potential in everyone to enjoy life. Our primary goal is to make sure our residents’ quality of life is maintained, and hopefully improved, when they move into an Embracia home.

Our philosophy has the resident at its heart; around it we innovate and create best-practice models of care in response to the changes in resident needs and the aged care industry. This includes our specialised dementia care, which includes the Montessori approach. The outcome of our philosophy and models of care residents who live life with purpose, meaning, and most of all, joy.

Our homes all have a sophisticated and classic design that looks and feels like a house; not a hospital or institution.

We are an Australian family-owned aged care business, and our leaders have devoted a lifetime to improving aged care. This philosophy, and our difference, are driven by their desire to make every resident’s life better.

How private will my room be?

Every Embracia bedroom is a private single room with ensuite.

We believe that every resident’s room is their personal space and we respect your need and right to privacy. We follow the same etiquette you would expect in your own home.

Our Household model is fundamental to our philosophy, and informs a design that maximises privacy. In your household, your bedroom will be off a quiet corridor that connects to the open-plan living space you will share with other members of your household. You will not be overlooked from a living space or another resident room, as doors and beds are offset.

When can my family and friends visit?

We do not have visiting hours. This is your home. Your family, friends, neighbours and acquaintances will be as welcome in the aged care home as you are. They are welcome anytime as long as they are considerate of other residents.

How will you help me settle in to the home?

We get to know you as an individual from the first time we meet you. Our pre-admission process is focused on making sure we know all about your care needs, your lifestyle preferences moving in the personal items that make your room your own. That means from the day you move in we can help you feel at home.

When you choose to live at any one of our Embracia aged care homes, you can expect to be free to make decisions about your life, which includes how you spend your time, how much – or how little – you’d like us to be involved in what you do and who you do it with. It means that you can expect that life with Embracia will be designed with your latest needs in mind.

Can I make my room personal, with my own furniture and belongings from home?

You we are welcome to make your room personal by bringing in furniture, pictures and belongings that are important to you. We will supply a bed and basic furniture, and will talk to you about what you want to bring in during our per-admission process. We do ask you to remember remember that you might need to limit the amount of furniture you bring in, to leave safe access around your room.

You are also welcome to bring electrical equipment provided you have it tagged and tested on entry into our home and each year for safety purposes.

Are pets allowed?

Yes. At Embracia we believe a loving companion is the answer to loneliness and that caring for animals is a joyful and meaningful part of life. We are required to assess your pet to ensure it will fit in with the home and can be cared for before we can confirm it can move in. This is for the wellbeing of you, your pet and your fellow residents.

We ask that you consider any impact your pet may have on other residents (and on their pets), the wellbeing of the animal, and whether the animal would hinder our staff from helping you when you need us.

Can I get extras like my own phone, the internet or pay TV?

Yes. Each bedroom has the necessary connecations to install a telephone service, internet service or Foxtel service. There are slight variations at each home, so please talk to our Manager to find out how to arrange these connections.

I know hospitals have their routines. Do your aged care homes have them too?

At Embracia we believe in personalised care and that means flexibility, not routines. At all our aged care homes, you can expect to wake up when you’re ready, have breakfast when you’re up, and go to bed when you want. If you prefer a routine, then it’s a different routine for each person, and you can decide how it will be.

Can I manage my own finances?

We will never require your finances, pension, etc, to be administered by us. We do not allow any of our staff, including management, to have access to or control your finances, your pension payments, etc.

We encourage you to maintain control of your own finances. If you don’t wish to manage your own finances, we strongly suggest creating an enduring Power of Attorney in favour of a close friend, relative, your solicitor or accountant.

Can I come and go from the home as I please?

All our residential aged care homes are there to provide you with care, safety and security. At Embracia, we are all about helping you maintain your lifestyle, not limiting it. You have all the same rights in our homes that you have in your own home. Any decision that you can and would legally make at home is yours to make in our aged care homes. So with your permission, or in some cases, the consent of a loved one, provided you are able, you can enjoy the freedom you would at home.

Can I continue to see my own doctor?

Yes, of course. It’s your doctor and whether he or she will stay your doctor is totally up to you. It’s not our decision to make. Some doctors will visit our homes, while others are based too far away to be able to do so. Some residents visit more distant doctors at their practices.

Should you need or wish to change doctors, talk to us and we can tell you which doctors already visit us and what other practices are in the local area. But we will not take the decision out of your hands.