Aged Care Costs

Below is a summary of the different fees and charges you may be required to pay. Apart from the basic daily care fee, the costs do vary depending on your individual circumstances.

You can also go to my aged for more information from the Government on the costs of aged care.

Accommodation Payment

This is a payment for the cost of your accommodation in aged care. Aged care providers set and publish the maximum Accommodation Payment they will charge for each room they offer.

Your Means Test and Assets Test can determine the maximum amount you can pay.

An Accommodation Payment is paid as a Refundable Accommodation Deposit; as a Daily Accommodation Payment; or as a combination of both. You can choose how to pay, and we recommend you get professional advice from a financial adviser who has expertise in aged care when making this decision.

You have 28 days from the day you move in to our home, to decide upon your preferred method of accommodation payment. Until you make this decision, your accommodation costs must be made as DAP payments.

Our Accommodation Payments are published via these links:

Embracia Burpengary Accommodation Options_1 April 2022

Woodford-Accommodation-Options-and-Pricing as at 1 April 2022


Refundable Accommodation Deposit

This is an accommodation payment that is paid in a lump sum. Once you choose to pay a RAD, you have 6 months in which to pay it.

When a resident departs from an aged care home, their RAD is fully refunded to them or their estate.

The RAD is published by every aged care provider for each room type they offer. Embracia publishes our RADs on each aged care home’s page.

Prior to 1 July 2014, a RAD was known as a Bond.

Daily Accommodation Payment

This is an accommodation payment that is paid on a daily basis by invoice. It is calculated using a formula and interest rate set by the government.

This payment is not refundable.

The DAP is published by every aged care provider for each room type they offer. Embracia publishes our DAPs on each aged care home’s page.

Prior to 1 July 2014, a DAP was known as a periodic payment.

Basic Daily Fee

(for Residential Aged Care)

This is the basic fee that everyone pays when moving in to aged care. It is set by the Government on the 20th March and the 20th September each year.  The basic daily fee is 85% of the single aged care pension. Prices are published on the Department of Health Website.

Means tested care fee

This is an additional contribution towards the cost of care. The Government determines how much you need to pay based on your Assets Test and Means Test, which must be completed by Services Australia. They will inform Embracia in writing of your means tested care fee, and will also write to us to inform us of any changes in the future.

Additional Services

Additional Services is a term used to describe any service an aged care home offers you that is lifestyle or accommodation related (not care) and additional to their basic offering. Additional services are charged at a fee set by the aged care provider and are independent of legislated aged care accommodation and care fees. Embracia has a package of Additional Services that must be agreed to as a condition of living at the home.  We encourage you to talk to our managers about what we offer.