Your Next Steps

Moving into aged care is a challenging and emotional process, and an uncertain time for many people and their loved ones.

At Embracia we support you with the next steps towards your move into care, to help make the process as easy as possible.

We have broken down the next steps below to help you as you begin the next phase of your life.  Our pre-admission process has been uniquely developed by our experienced team to make moving into aged care a smooth process that supports you to settle in and feel at home from your first day with us.

That process starts here with the steps to support your move into aged care.  

You may also find our information on Aged Care Costs, Frequently Asked Questions and Useful Links beneficial too. And you can Contact Us at any time.

Step 1 – assess your eligibility

Get assessed with the Aged Care Assessment Team / Service and complete your financial means and assets assessments with Centrelink .

Step 2 – finding the right aged care home

Take a private tour of an Embracia aged care home, and other homes in your preferred location.  Think about what is important to you.

Step 3 – applying for your chosen aged care home

We will provide clear information and support to help you at apply.

Step 4 – pre-admission support

From signing your agreement to moving in, we are with you every step of the way.

Step 1 – assess your eligibility

Eligibility for aged care

To find out if you are able to receive government support for residential aged care, you will need to be assessed by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) (known as Aged Care Assessment Services (ACAS) in Victoria).

You will be asked questions about your lifestyle and health needs to assess your eligibility for residential aged care. Information will be provided to you about the aged care homes available in your area and more. You may wish to enlist the support of family, friends, your local doctor and social workers to help you find an aged care home that meets your individual needs.

To get in touch with ACAT you can call them directly, or have a loved one or health professional contact them on your behalf.

The ACAT/ACAS will complete an assessment that you can provide to any aged care provider that confirms you are eligible for care, and the level of assessed care needs.

Financial Centrelink assessments

The Australian Government changed how Aged Care costs are assessed and charged on 1 July 2014. You now have more choices in how you pay some of your costs; however you must complete a Means Test and Assets Test with Centrelink before this can be fully determined.

The Centrelink Means Test and Assets Test can take time. We would encourage you to commence these at the same time you contact the Aged Care Assessment Team/Service so you do not experience any delays.

Embracia recommends that you engage the services of a financial advisor who is an expert in aged care to support you with this process.  Everyone’s circumstances are different and a financial advisor can help you make the best financial decisions as you prepare to move into aged care.

Step 2 – finding the right aged care home

Take the next steps to finding the right aged care homeIt’s important to choose an aged care home that meets your care needs and lifestyle preferences.

We invite you and your loved ones to book a private tour of your preferred Embracia home, and encourage you to tour other homes in your preferred location so you can find the right fit for you.

We understand everyone has different priorities and needs. We are flexible, and will provide you with a private tour on a day and time that best suits you and your family.

Before you visit

Before you visit Embracia, or any other aged care homes, think about what is important to you. When you visit us, if we don’t ask you about these things, then ask us.

Your care
  • Is it important to you that there are Registered Nurses on staff 24 hours a day?
  • Do you need any specialist care?
  • Are you happy to fit into a routine, or do you want care that fits around your lifestyle and preferences
Your home and room
  • What is your ideal location? You may want to be close to where you live now, or close to family or friends.
  • What looks and feels like home for you?
  • Is home-made food important to you?
  • Do you want a private room or a shared room?
  • Do you have any furniture or special items you want to bring?
  • What are your favourite activities and entertainment, e.g. do you have a favourite game? Do you enjoy exercise classes? Do you enjoy art or music?
  • What daily activities do you still want to do? It might be something simple, but being able to maintain aspects of daily life will maintain a sense of purpose and help you settle in.
  • Do you want to continue to participate in a local community club or group?
  • Do you have a pet you want to visit you regularly or bring to live with you?
  • Do you need flexibility so family and friends can visit you at times that suit them?
  • Do you have any particular cultural or language needs?
Talk to us

When we first welcome you to visit the home, we ask you questions that will help us to understanding your individual situation. This will include your care needs, lifestyle preferences, and current living situation.

We encourage you to ask us questions about our home, our lifestyle and care.  Every question is a good question and its important you tell us what matters to you.

Stay in touch

After the tour, you will probably think of many more questions. You are welcome to call us with any questions you have, and if it is beneficial have a further tour of the home.

Step 3 – applying for your chosen aged care home

Confirming the costs

When you take a private tour with Embracia, we will ensure you have clear information about the costs of care.

These vary depending on individual circumstances so we may need to ask you some questions to give you accurate information. If you have completed your Centrelink assets and means test, this will help.

We encourage you to take away the information on costs to review and consider. You are welcome to call us with any questions you have, and come back in to discuss the costs in person if it is helpful.

Applying for aged care

You can apply to an Embracia aged care home, or any other aged care provider, using the Government application form.

If you decide to apply to Embracia, once we receive your application form we will contact you to confirm the rooms we have available that suit you and your needs. One we have a suitable room available, we will commence our pre-admission process.

The next steps - Embracia pre admission supportStep 4 – pre-admission support

We want you to feel at home.  This step is unique to Embracia and has proven to help our residents feel settled and at home sooner.  Our pre-admission process provides support to you and your loved ones to guide you through the challenges of moving into aged care.

Your residential care agreement

We will invite you into the home to discuss your resident agreement in more detail. At this time, we will prepare an individual agreement for you based on your personal needs and financial assessments.

We will follow up on critical paperwork and assessments with you so we can ensure your fees and charges are accurate.

You will be welcome to take the draft agreement and paperwork home to read in more detail and we will answer any questions you have.

It is a legal requirement that your residential care agreement must be signed before we can proceed further. Once it is signed, we will arrange your pre-admission day.

Your pre-admission day

We invite you and your loved ones to come in for a pre-admission day. Our goal on this day is to complete our assessments and paperwork so we can provide the best care for you from the day you move in.

You will meet our team, including the Registered Nurse who will be response for your care, and a member of our Lifestyle team.

Our care team will spend time with you completing the resident admission pack including resident details, clinical and care needs, and lifestyle preferences.

We will then provide you with an orientation of the home. During your orientation we will let you know some of the important aspects of life in the home, such as our laundry service and clothing labelling.

We then invite you to enjoy a coffee, afternoon tea or even a meal before you go home.

Preparing to move in

When you begin to prepare to move in, we encourage you or your loved ones to organise some of your personal preferences ahead of time. This way your home is ready for you to move in to and you can settle in with ease.

This varies depending on the person, but examples may include:

  • Arrange for clothes to be labelled
  • Move any special items such as pictures or furniture into the room to set it up
  • Bring in any electrical items and ensure they are tested and tagged, ready to use

You are welcome to discuss this with us and we will provide whatever support we can.

Admission – Moving In Day

On the day you move in to your Embracia home, we encourage your loved ones to join you for the whole day as you settle in to your new home.

We will be there to support you, however we will give you the space to settle in and begin to feel at home.

We invite your loved ones to join you for lunch so you can enjoy a meal together and relax once the hard work of moving is done.

Communication is key

We know communication is key to ensuring we provide the best care for you.

Residents and families receive regular communication and are invited to regular resident and relative meetings. We hold annual conferences with each resident and their loved one to review their care and lifestyle needs and preferences, and may hold additional conferences if there is a significant change in your health or wellbeing.

We encourage you and your loved ones to talk to your household’s Registered Nurse regularly, be it for an update or to raise a query or concern.

Our Manager invites you to speak with them or a member of the management and administration team at any time if you need their support.