Introducing Friends of Embracia in Woodford inc. – Our Volunteer Group

Embracia in Woodford have been incredibly fortunate to receive a wholehearted welcome from the Woodford community since we opened our new home in April 2015.  One fantastic aspect of this has been the effort of local volunteers who have provided a great deal of support to our residents and to the Lifestyle team.  The group also wanted to raise funds that would go directly to the residents to enrich their lifestyle activities.  

The most effective way to operate this volunteer group is to become an independent, not-for-profit Incorporation who volunteer and fundraise for Embracia in Woodford.  It is through this incorporated group that the volunteers have more financial benefits and the volunteers’ time spent providing unpaid services can be formally recognised, This structure is is similar to our former volunteer group Friends of Eden who supported Embracia in Glasshouse Country in Beerwah.

The Journey

The journey began with an information session in October 2015.  Volunteers from our former home in Beerwah, Rob and Joy Haese, spoke to the Woodford volunteers about the process of forming an incorporated body and shared their knowledge and experience.  Three morning teas were then held to recruit more volunteers and build the numbers required to successfully incorporate.

An Inaugural General Meeting was held at which Friends of Embracia in Woodford was formed.  This was a significant milestone and a great achievement!  At the meeting the group appointed key positions:

  • President – Peter Lopez
  • Treasurer – Stewart Davis
  • Secretary – Eve Wesley-Smith
Friends of Embracia in Woodford | Volunteers with the Drinks FridgeStraight to Work!

With Incorporation complete and bank accounts opened, the group set to work quickly and have already purchased a drink fridge to sell soft drinks as a fundraiser.  A member volunteer, Elva, and Embracia made donations that allowed the purchase to occur quickly.

Thank you Friends of Embracia in Woodford and Eve Wesley-Smith

We would like to acknowledge the efforts of our Lifestyle Coordinator, Eve, in working with the volunteers to achieve this outcome.  We also want to thank Peter, Stewart and the volunteers who now make up Friends of Embracia in Woodford in providing such wonderful support for our residents.  

If you would like to donate to Friends of Embracia in Woodford, contact our home for more information.

If you are interested in volunteering, find out more on our Volunteer page.

We look forward to sharing more stories of Friends of Embracia in Woodford’s work in the coming months.