Our Philosophy

We have a person-first philosophy of care. 

Our philosophy has the resident at its heart; around it we innovate and create best-practice models of care in response to the changes in aged care.

Our primary goal is to make sure our residents’ quality of life will be maintained, and hopefully improved, when they live at Embracia.

Life is to be Enjoyed

Fun is an integral part of our philosophy.  Fun is passion, and life is to be enjoyed.  This remains the same even if you live in aged care.

Individual needs come first

Our Philosophy focuses on you as an individualOur “person-first” approach makes the resident our main focus and their care and independence is our priority.   Our philosophies and models all have a common focus on what residents can do, so they maintain their independence, dignity, and a sense of purpose in their daily lives. 

This aligns with our Embracia philosophy and values, ensuring a truly personalised approach that focuses on each resident having a sense of purpose and well being. 

Ageing in Place

We believe in mixed care and ageing in place, enabling residents’ social connections and relationships to continue to grow.

We design all our homes as genuine ageing in place, offering a home for life with services adjusting to meet changing care needs. We also enshrine their security of tenure for the entire home in our agreements, policies and practices.  We are able to adapt and provide resources accordingly to meet these changing needs.

Household model – fundamental to our philosophy

Every Embracia home consists of several Households, made of approximately 20 residents each.  Each Household shares a “family” living and dining space and private, ensuite resident bedrooms.  Each household has its own team of dedicated staff who work in that area permanently, so they get to know the residents and their needs.  Together they become a cosy community, within a larger community.

Creating dementia-friendly homes with Montessori

Embracia is striving to make a positive difference to our residents living with dementia. Through the Montessori Approach, our goal is to support and encourage each person to live more independently and with purpose.  This innovative method of care is a rehabilitative approach to caring for people living with dementia.

Read more about how we are creating dementia-friendly homes.

Eden AlternativeTM

Empowering residents, staff and families

Our philosophy focuses on you as an individualThe Eden Alternative™ targets three afflictions that affect aged care residents, these are: loneliness, helplessness and boredom. The 10 principles of the Eden Alternative™  show how companionship and caring for other people and things such as plants, animals and children can improve the residents quality of life. It is about ensuring variety and spontaneity remain an integral part of everyday life and that life isn’t too structured with rules and routines.

The Eden Alternative™ helps residents by focusing on what people can do, rather than what they can’t. The Eden Alternative™ creates a new life for aged care residents. It’s about creating a vibrant home where residents are empowered to make decisions and choices, both big and small, as well as take risks and continue to set goals and fulfill their hopes and dreams.