Dementia Friendly Households

A leading dementia care provider, Embracia has a unique approach that connects families and older people.

Embracia is striving to make a positive difference to our residents living with dementia. We are creating dementia-friendly homes that support the cognitive loss associated with dementia, by implementing the Montessori approach.

Montessori Approach to Dementia Care

Meaningful activities give people living with dementia purposeThrough the Montessori Approach, our goal is to support and encourage each person to live more independently and with purpose.  This innovative method of care is a rehabilitative approach to caring for people living with dementia.

Montessori’s philosophy makes a perfect mission statement for aged care:


“To enable persons to be as independent as possible, to have a meaningful place in their community, to have high self-esteem, and to have the chance to make choices and meaningful contributions to their community.”

Montessori focuses on what people can do, rather than what they can’t do; that is the key to its success.  This is achieved by preparing the environment to suit the purpose and the people who live there; understanding each person’s unique abilities needs and interests; and encouraging learning and developing of each person’s strengths.

The Montessori approach to dementia care integrates this ideology to formulate a method of care for people living with dementia.  We create environments within our memory support households that support the cognitive loss associated with dementia.  Alongside this we develop a program of meaningful activities and roles to suit each person. These activities are designed to help each person maintain, or in some instances regain, some ability to carry out simple tasks.

This approach is a philosophy of care that focusses on the “doing” and is meaningful to the individual.  Montessori has demonstrated success in improving people’s self esteem and giving a sense of belonging to a supportive community.