Important notices

Important Notices

1. Content

In preparing the information on this website, the authors have taken care to ensure that the information provided is as accurate and up-to-date as possible within our experience, knowledge and understanding of the field, given that we are providers of residential aged care and retirement village living. We do not purport to be medical experts and the information we provide is general in nature.  For specific information requiring medical, legal or financial expertise, you should consult your own practitioner as individual facts and situations can vary widely.

2. Referrals and links

While care is taken to ensure that links from our website to others are only provided to websites that Embracia respects, we cannot be responsible for any material or content contained in the pages to which we have linked.  While many of the pages to which we link are Government-managed pages, you should treat all internet pages with a sensible degree of caution unless you know the authors.

3. Copyright

In preparing this website, Embracia has made its best efforts to avoid using any material for which we are aware that the copyright belongs to an entity other than Embracia.  If it appears that another entity has ownership in material on our website and we have failed to acknowledge that ownership, it is inadvertent.  Please advise us, demonstrate the other entity’s ownership and we will immediately act to correct that situation.

4. Webmaster

If you detect any errors or inaccuracies on our web pages, or if you find a broken link or something appears not be displaying correctly, please advise our webmaster.  We have attempted to develop this site with the viewer in mind, but despite our best efforts occasionally errors are made or software may change in browsers without our knowledge.